Autobody Repair St. Louis Weber Collision Center

Weber Chevy Collision Center in St. Louis offers complete AUTO BODY REPAIR in ST. LOUIS. Contact us for your auto body repairs in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Collision technicians are trained by Chevrolet to know every inch of your vehicle. We understand your vehicle and all its technical systems. We're proud to offer genuine Chevrolet parts. We know you want to feel as good about your vehicle today as you did the day you bought it. Our Collision technicians have the skills and finesse you need to restore your vehicle so it will look and feel like new.

Major Repairs

Complete frame repair, welding, and near complete loss of vehicle.

Minor Repairs

Door dings, scratches, paint chips, and repair of other body shops work.

Insurance Claims

We contact insurance your insurance company, setup rental car, get you to and from work or home to help you out.

Fleet Accounts

Fleet accounts need special attention to speed, consistency and cost. Contact us to help you get started.

Hail Damage

This is an especially difficult repair job because of the need of overall repairs. Our team will make this as painless as possible!

Dent Removal

Usually we can repair small dents while you wait for a small cost.

Dent Repair

Our experts will determine if (PDR) paintless dent repair can be achieved, if not -- we will provide other options.

Mechanical Repairs

Our knowledge of vehicles, allows us to provide competitive estimates for transmission or engine repairs as well.

Auto Body Work

We are able to do all types of auto body work and auto body repairs. We provide immediate estimates.